Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Water Safety Ireland

Water Safety Ireland's Yearly magazine featured our school.  They visited us last June to issue all students with a water safety band stating - 

 **** Stay Safe Between the Flags****
We hope each pupil in our school will always apply this message at the beach.

Kung Fu

King Fu has been a huge hit with all classes since starting in January. We are learning to breathing, to warm up our bodies and afew moves.

Green Schools News!

Green School News!

Results for Saint Flannan’s NS Green School Survey.
  • ·  13 Balloons of CO2 gas is created each time a car travels 1km.
  • ·         983.4kms is the total number of kms travelled by families in our school each day (coming and going from school).
  • ·         983.4 kms creates 12, 784 balloons of CO2 gas each day

How can we reduce our CO2 carbon footprint.
  1. 1.       Participate in FRESH AIR FRIDAYS
  2. 2.       Car Pool
  3. 3.       Cycle, scoot or walk to school if possible.

Wellbeing Week June 22nd - June 26th

See below a link to our Wellbeing Week Padlet which outlines some activities you can try out during Wellbeing Week. Wellbeing Week Padlet